The Antarians are 5-7th Dimensional star beings with several Earth-like planets in their star system, some of which are also in the process of Ascension. Their star of origin Antares which is 87,200 times larger than the Earth and closer to the Great Grand Central Sun. Antarians a LARGE beings. They are master Warriors of the Light, their energy is powerful and intense and at times trickier to bring down into Earth because fewer Earthlings are linking with Antarians and there are fewer Antarians working directly with Earth. While the Arcturians have assisting the Earth in their group mission the Antarians don’t. The Antarians do benefit from relaying and receiving information from Earth as they are in process of transmuting many energies on some planets which are under their care.

Antarians are gateway keepers of the Higher Realms, they deal with souls shifting into Higher Consciousness. If one could imagine a conveyer belt of processing souls one could see that the Arcturians process a soul and when the soul has evolved farther in consciousness then it passes through the Antarian portal for greater access to higher frequencies within this Universe. Antares holds the meeting place, or one of the meeting places for the Galactic Council; the council heads of all major collaborative star races within this galaxy which are united in peace and brotherly-sisterly love in a co-creative process of the Ascension of this, the Milky Way Galaxy.