Your guidance and connection to the highest realms is made in part possible by the activation of your pineal gland.  Activating this gland is actually a lot simpler than what one might have imagined. All it takes is some time, daily, given to sitting in a quiet space and visualizing a spot the size of a pea at the center of your brain lighting up. The power of your intention, focus and heightened awareness combined will begin the process of pineal activation. The highest your emotions and elated feeling when doing this the more potent an activation.

Breath in deep long breaths and bring them into focus in a central location in your brain space. Call in your highest guidance and ask that you receive a connection and activation to the center of all suns. Feel yourself receiving a light beam of pure undifferentiated white light linking into the center of your brain. See your pineal gland spark up and radiate from all directions. You may in fact feel that it breaks away plaque as you do this for the first times!

Listen to the Dimensional Attunement of the Pineal by Tom Kenyon with the Hathors by accepting his agreements and scrolling down the page, for a more intense experience!