They flew in from another galaxy eons ago. They now reside in Inner Earth. That place where all the dragons, fairies, elves and unicorns went. There is a basis of reality in all stories and indeed mermaids did exist and still do. They are all now in Inner Earth. You might just be one yourself.

The geeblies can be seen dancing the conga in a circle above the Earth, as they are Planetary Healers. They are no ordinary tree elf, if that is what we can call them. They have work to do! And so do you.  But you could never tell by looking at them. See, now they are staring at me, with their chin on one elbow and pretending snooze off, finding my seriousness  quite boring.

Don’t ever try to label one, they find it abhorus. They are label-less and free and they will keep it, and you, that way if they can. They are master-weavers. From the place where they came, the Great Beyond, they learned to be master creators and weave the threads of reality with the templates inherent in sacred geometry. Geebly elves are master planners of the earth, and other bio-diverse planets. They are here to bring back harmony and restore our planet to its original pristine nature. And they are going to do this one human at a time. They feel that you are their latest Cabbage Patch doll: they wish to adopt you- their very own human, if you let them. They wish to train you into re-using the magic you have inherent within. They wish to giggle with you and dance around in fairy land and remind you that this is one large, albeit sophisticated, video game.

The name of the game is activation! And this is what they are here for. They came here to re-awaken you to the child-like wonder that you have within to that undeniable spark to reach havoc, and leave all seriousness behind.

Each geebly is UNIQUE and has different color combinations according to your Soul personality!

They appear just for you and contact your Higher Self and guides to concoct a living-crystal geebly by infusing their etheric essence into the cloth through my work as I create the colors and dies and yarn and crystal combinations they tell me to, saying this is what you would like, or what would resonate best for your Inner Child to re-waken and feel at home again. The geeblies often instruct me on a special little clay creation to gift you, a symbol of you soul gift or a joke, I can never tell which it is. Sometimes they wish to give away crystals. Laughing when I swing around like a dog chasing her tale looking for crystals they have given away.

Your Star Glyphs!

Activate your soul patterned gifts your codes of ascenion and your soul mission with the special Star Glyph that your geebly selects uniquely for you! It is a clue to your greater purpose. Your geebly proudly sports it on his belly happy to blast out its energy in order to activate you, your space, your home.