Hello Dear Ones!


We made it!!!

We have made it!!

Woo hoo we have stumbled, fallen, catapulted through this 2019 portal. And bam, we are here now. I don’t know about you but I’m still counting my fingers and checking that all parts of me have made it through. To say that we have gone through the ringer in the past few years is to say the least. I have no idea what just happened. All I know is that I feel abused, exhausted, tired, spent and deeply, deeply changed. I don’t know who I was before but I know that I feel wiser, bigger, stronger. And that somehow some very precious parts of me of are finally with me. It’s as though I am finally beginning to come back online. And this ‘being online’ sensation probably didn’t occur for 10,000 years. Or never.

How have we changed?

As I look past over the past years, or this major incarnational cycle, I can tell you that I have lived through many a weird situations. And in 2018 they just kept getting weirder and then just darn freaky. While freaky-good is always welcome it was the freaky-bad that really shook me to the core. I’m not going to lie . . . 2018 tore me to shreds so bad that I even wondered what’s the use being here? If things are so painful and excruciating then why be in this experience, what’s the use of all this suffering of self and others (so many others)?

As the suffering onslaught continued I kept taking it personal. Feeling that I did very, very bad things in a million other lifetimes. Because this level of poop was astronomical. I was stopped in my tracks from living the life I thought I should have. As cheesy as this sounds I can now say in hindsight that I desperately needed to be put through this discombobulating ringer and to the degree of the pain too. I simply needed it all in order to unhook, unplug, unleash, un-form entirely from the lifetimes of stuckness, lessness, smallness that my soul had gotten used to experiencing while in a bodysuit. The layers of Collective Unconscious programming that has all of us living a life of discomfort and doubt and constant checking our own self-worth and did we do that right, or shall be repeat that again, do you think? Did I really hear that or am I going mad? (Again).

What we are accomplishing now is unique.

Masterful, wonderful, incredible, fantastic and oh so satisfying. Do you know how many souls and Masters wish to be here on Earth in body-form right now? These are the moments that are being written in Cosmic History books! We are re-writing Her-Story! This is a story of galactic magnitude! Earth is reaching a point in her evolution where she is finally coming back on line with her cosmic brothers and sisters. After… 10,000 years? 26,000 years? Or 150,000 year cycles? You chose. You create your story. All we can say here is that the portals are opening and Earth and humanity now have greater access to deep ancient wisdoms, truths, codes and lights that we humans have not had access to in eons.

We are the change-makes, portal awakeners and the bringers of a new dawn.

It is all happening now. Our bodies are the very portals. So that might explain your tiredness or your oversleeping… overeating? Yeah me too. I am tired of doing things as I have done them. I am tired of being a doormat, a processor and a galactic garbage disposal. I am sure you are too. I know deep within me that I have been cleaning, clearing densities from this plane for eons. And I know that I can’t continue like this. It’s simply no fun. And someone once said ‘follow the fun’ and I think that’s a grand idea. For the past 10,000 years the Divine Feminine left the planet in mass and was only here in pockets. For this past era we lightworkers had to work seemingly alone, lone rangers, lone lighthouses, lone beacons of light. That is how we have been of service. Alone. Beaming, processing, clearing, transmuting for all.

Now the time has changed.

The rug has been pulled from under the structures of life on Earth.  The stop gaps, the impediments to progress, the blockades of darkness have all left. What we have left is a giant illusion. When you look at the world through 3D lenses all looks the same. A bit more chaotic but the same. When you look through a 5D filter you see torrents and streams of photonic light zooming around with new colors of the spectrum that have hitherto been held back. Electrons and protons now are bringing in new light, new colors and new pathways of reality. It is all HERE. And as we continue to beam the light we now finally get to BUILD more light. As we intra-connect with one another the webs are being built and this time around they are being SUSTAINED.

We are building webs of light.

A giant network of throbbing light pulses. The most beautiful art-show web work of light. And we have been working on this throughout lifetimes. Now we get to reap what we sewed!

Take heart, know that the tide has shifted, know that all the work you have done in this and other lifetimes is now snowballing to return back to you all the goodness and gifts that you deserve. All is coming back HOME. Be still in your heart and feel the peace that we all, collectively, get to rejoice in. Take a deep breath and say ‘I have no darn idea what just happened but I am here, I am ready, take me higher, show me what to do, I know all shall be more fluid now, easier now, happier and more joyous now. So much joyous flow. Right now. Thank you!’

Stick with your lightworker tribe in whatever form they may be in. Find time to take care of yourself. No one has a clue what you have gone through. Now is the era of collaboration, networking, support, understanding, sharing and pure Galactic Priestess rejoicing!

Pick up your pieces, we’ve arrived HOME.