“Biofield: Taking biology from the particle to the wave.” 

~Dr. Beverly Rubik (PhD in BioPhysics)


(Image source: Art Direction by Alessandra Gilioli & Focused Collection)

The National Institute of Health and the Biofield

In 1992 a group of scientists coined the term: ”the biofield.” It was accepted by the NIH (National Institute of Health) as a term to use in published medical research journals. 

“The Biofield” was originally defined as a “massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.” 

Since then, the biofield has evolved to a “multi-scale concept that offers a broader context for understanding biological regulation and information flow.” Gronowicz et al from Exploring the Biofield published in Global Advances in Health Medicine 2015.

What ancient societies  have been doing for thousands of years scientists place under the umbrella term of “Biofield Therapies.” These include, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki, Aboriginal healing touch, Native American touch healing and other Energy Medicine. In the medical field these fall under CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). 

(Image source: http://news.unm.edu/news/ancient-traditions-healing-modern-ailments)

Conventional Medicine is reductionist and chemical based. 

Biofield advocates for incorporating Quantum Physics into Biology.

“CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) healing modalities challenge the dominant biomedical paradigm because they cannot be explained by the usual biochemical mechanisms. One possible influence of biofield phenomena is that they may act directly on molecular structures, changing the conformation of molecules in functionally significant ways. Another influence is that they may transfer bioinformation carried by very small energy signals interacting directly with the energy field of life, which is more recently known as the biofield” (Rubik, et al).

The Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis

Dr. Eileen Day McKusik has formed the Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis. “I believe that the human biofield is a diffuse electromagnetic medium (a bioplasma) that surrounds and interpenetrates the body and stores the record of our life experiences. What we call the mind and memory are actually inside the electromagnetic field.”

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How I Experience the Biofield


Alessandra Gilioli, MFA: When I work on a client I clairvoyantly see visuals of a large energy field around the person’s physical body. Often this field is distorted and sickly looking. With holes, cracks, and thick dark obstructions and lifeless limp areas. After forty-five minutes of Biofield Therapy work on the client I see that the forcefield has been energized, patched,  healed and restored back into a vibrant, strong, firm electro-magnetic sphere.  This force-field sphere is both emitted from the person’s body and interpenetrates the body. In other words the force-field I see around the person’s body appears to be emitted, created beaming from the person’s body. Why at the same time seems to come from an external force that is protective of the person’s space and body. Some described this coming and going energy as the Toroidal Field. 

It no longer feels accurate for me to use the term ‘aura’ as it is vague and never fulfills what I see. When I tune into a person’s energy force which is emitted around their physical body I see limitless amounts of details and layers. It feels like tuning into a vast radio station that has a very wide spectrum of frequencies to tune into. My feeling is that the term ‘biofield’ is specifically honing in a substrata of more physical-like layers of measurable energy around the human body. 

Dr Rubik wrote that the human body emits:  “A broad spectrum of radiant energies exist known as the electromagnetic waves, ranging from the ultra-low, extremely-low, very low. Ad medium broadcast waves: very high-frequency broadcast waves; microwaves, infrared waves: visible light raws: and even ultraviolet radiation.”

“The peak intensity  of the electromagnetic spectrum of the human biofield is in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, in the range of 4 to 20 microns in wavelength.  The belief is that much of this emission, particular in the infrared region is from thermal effects associated with metabolism. “ Rubik et al.

The Body’s Quantum Information Flow 

Deepak Chopra, MD and co-authors wrote about the Biofield in 2015 quoting this information: “Another definition of the biofield is an organizing principle for the dynamic information flow that regulates biological function and homeostasis. Biofield interactions can organize spatiotemporal biological processes across hierarchical levels: from the subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, organismic, to the interpersonal and cosmic levels. As such, biofield interactions can influence a variety of biological pathways, including biochemical, neurological and cellular processes related to electromagnetism, correlated quantum information flow, and perhaps other means for modulating activity and information across hierarchical levels of biology.” Muehsam D, Chevalier G, Barsotti T, Gurfein BT. An Overview of biofield devices. Global Adv Health Med. 2015

The Biofield and Altered States of Consciousness

Dr Rubik says that: “at the cutting edge of biofield research is the question of how the biofield may shift as a result of shifts in consciousness.” I can say that when I start a session on a client I ‘see’ their energy field as disordered and even frantic. After about an hour of energy medicine work the client’s energy field looks remarkably different, at peace and orderly. 

Dr Rubik continues: “Understanding more about the human biofield in connection with psychophysiologic states such as healing and altered states might help facilitate an understanding of the mind-body regulation and help build a bridge between energy medicine and mind-body medicine.”

When I do energy healing on myself or a client I enter an altered-state of consciousness. I am in a state when I cannot feel my hands, legs or body. Instead, I can feel everything. I feel one with all and I am not aware of the physical limits of my physical body. In this altered state I can feel energy currents extending from beyond my skin and into the energy field. I have ‘seen’ these energy currents to be the continuation, the extension, of the electrical current highway emitted off of the nerve endings on my skin. These energy currents extending beyond my physical body create a forcefield around my physical body which I feel could be one layer, one aspect of my biofield. 

How do YOU Experience Your Biofield?

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Be the scientist of your reality. Research, read, look, investigate. Try, test. Sense, feel. All reality is based on what YOU think of it. Your life, your experiences all stem from what your mind has formed into its own projection of the universe. In a way, aren’t we all living in our own holographic universe? 

Don’t take my, or anyone else’s, word for what is happening to you or your body. I did research by looking up the term ‘biofield’ and scrolling down many research articles and printing the ones that caught my eye. The person who is talking the clearest about the Biofield is Eileen Mksuic and I suggest reading her recently just published book Electric Body, Electric Health. That takes care of the 3D mind and available mainstream information. 

Tips on how to Experience Your Biofield

Now let’s discuss what you can do alone in your own little 5D world. Your world of self-experience, experiential realities, meditation and energy healing. 

  1. One way to experience your biofield is for you to receive energy healing from an experienced energy healer. And ask yourself, your guidance team and the Universe to help you sense your biofoield. 
  2. Another way is to put on an energy healing video (such as Divine WHite Light’s YouTube Channel) while you are alone meditating. And allow yourself to feel the energy healing, receiving it and slowly begin to sense your Biofield.
  3. An additional thing that you can do is hold quartz crystals in your hands as you do the above things. As time progresses you will slowly no longer feel the crystals in your hands. It might be a bit freaky at first. But not feeling the crystals is a signal that is indicating that you have reached a different brain-wave- state. One where you are less confined by the physical ending of your body and more of your consciousness is residing in the outer energy field extending beyond your body. 
  4. If you have several quartz crystals, and in this case bigger IS better, then you can place quartz crystal all over your body. Lay down. And allow the energy healing to be amplified by the quartz crystals and feel the pulsating energy flow, in and out of your body amplified by the crystals.

Additional ways to get familiar with your own biofield….

  • Draw a picture of what you imagine your biofield to look like. You can be as silly or creative as you feel. Even a stick figure with a circle around it is a great start. Your subconscious will pick up on what you are doing and begin to participate. 
  • Using your voice or a musical instrument make sounds of what you imagine your biofield to sound like. When it’s happy and healthy and when it’s sad and challenged. 
  • Pay attention to how you feel when you are very relaxed and in nature. You might be walking for a while on a hike and you take a moment to notice your energy field and you might sense how expanded it is in nature. Then take notice of how tense your energy field might be when in line at the bank…

When it comes to self-discovery no way is the wrong way. All paths lead to you knowing your greater self. Some paths are more exciting than others though. When in doubt simply follow your excitement. It has always led me to where I want to be. It has led me to a life of continual adventure and discovery. And I am continually finding my Tribe 🙂 May you continue to be with yours.