Your body is an intimate part of the ascension. Loving your self, deepening your joy of the senses while being fully grounded on Earth is paradoxicaly what the ascension is about.

Taking all of the essence of being human and taking it with you. Being fully in love with all aspects of you, the human you the Earthen you, the Divine Feminine you, the goddess in all forms, the Divine Masculine. All that you have been experiencing as a human on the Earth is to be celebrated and rejoiced. The soul has no judgement. The guides have no judgement. All is infinitely divine. All has purpose.

When you have total acceptance of yourself, your body, your life, your choices you end up with complete utter freedom. Freedom comes into your body and it courses through in all ways, in all paths. You find that your body is a marvelous transmitter-beam sending and receiving torrents of energy from Earth and the Center of this Galaxy and out into the rest of the Universe. You are an amazing being and you are now beginning to see the light that you are.

What is ecstatic union with the all? How is spirituality linked with sexuality? It is when each and every cell of your body is shouting elated in joy, crying out ‘halleluya! We are ONE!’ When you feel that all of you is in Unity Consciousness with all aspects of yourself and your guides and your home. Home, being in all realms at all times. You find that the glory that was your body was with you all this time speaking to you, whispering to you that joy, fun, ecstasy and union are all part of your divine right. How do you then go forth with this new ecstatic awareness? How do you bless your every inch of your body? How do you thank it for having held you so dearly? Shielding you? Loving you, sustaining you all these lifetimes? Isn’t it time to celebrate this amazing bio-machinery, such an intricate design, this filter through which we can access so many realities? It is time to celebrate who you are. It is time to embrace ALL that you are. And it is time to take ALL OF THIS HOME. Now. In Unity Consciousness with your greater self you can now be you. Be in love. Be in ecstasy. We are with you dear ones. These are great times! Aho!

We are the Lyran Light Weavers calling you home.