The conduit of freedom through the bypassing of conscious thought. Symbols and images hold the power to control thought patterns, subconscious behavior and thought streams. What encodements clutter your psyche? Consciously create beauty in your life with the use of sacred imagery, code, color, sound, vibration and symbolism.

Sprinkle your home, office, car and life with the precious symbols of love, sparkle and laughter. Infuse these with intention. Bless them with your love frequency. Call upon us the guides, masters and angels to booster charge your imagery and symbols to anchor your choice vibrations. Be warriors of the light and jedis of higher frequency. Infiltrate the norm with sparkle and see it spread. Giggle at the friendly smile sticker and place humor in the midst of grey. See your light spread like a tsunami of laughter. Your frequency is more infectious than what you believe. Play and see so for yourself!

~Art & ingognito smiles via Alessandra Gilioli