You have a radiant heart, dear one! I see you. I see that you are an Old Soul and I see your emanations as that of a Frequency Revolutionary. I see the work that you do. I see the love that you have. I see that your purpose of being on this divine Earth is the same as my presence here. I am Tree Grandmother and I see the value in your words, in your work and in your joy & vibrancy of being a higher dimensional being. Present here for humanity and Mother Earth.

We are currently weaving a blanket of love and New Earth frequencies as you are developing your special brand of weird. We need your voice, your uniqueness your imprint in the world. Do you think I don’t see your power? You are a lighthouse! I can see you from miles away. I sense your bright light spirit! We are co-weaving this New Earth tapestry. Each thread is needed. Each thread is a New Light, a New Thought. And you, my friend, are a New Thought weaver. So keep bringing in your brand of weird. Weird Love, Weird expression, new higher vibration. You keep doing you. Meanwhile, I will keep supporting the inner workings of the lower blankets of love brought to you by us; the Tree Grandmothers. We have seen so much on this Earth and we are calling you, sweet souls, to step up into your Majesty. It is you, whom we have been waiting for. It is you, whom we have been preparing the supernutrient rich soil, branches and tree-spirits. It is for you that we pump out oxygen from our breath. It is for you. This world we are supporting is for you. Love it and most importantly love you.

We love you. And see you as our grandchildren. We foster and cherish your highest most exquisite dreams. Keep dreaming, keep doing and most importantly keep beaming your frequency. We come from the stars and yet are of the Earth. Just like you. Ajo!

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IMAGE SOURCE: Art by Alessandra Gilioli.
Tree photo by Jeremy Bishop
Woman face photo by Mata Arif