The convergence of duality into creation. Portal of bringing light into matter. Manifestion. Unity of polarity. Balance. Union. Place this image holographicaly on your heart chest and expand. Open the portal of your heart and delve into the Higher Realms. Place the symbol on your third eye and receive activation and trust of your connection to Higher Realms.


Dear One. We have been seeking you. Through the reaches of time, through the mires of pain, through the piles of illusion we have been seeking. All the while you have been calling for us and we have been missing each other. The time has come now for us to meet again in the higher realms through your heart portal. For now your heart is opening in ways with powers yet unforeseen. You are miracle-makers, miracle-workers! The codes of love & light activation are bursting forth from you. YOU are the guides and masters we have been seeking! You are the ones we knew held the key. All the while you were seeking us but we in truth were seeking YOU.

You are the Ascended Masters you are the ones who have in other worlds ascended out of the mire of an u-free life. You are now freeing yourself once again . You are the freelancers, you are the free birds you are the magic-makers! We stand in awe of you. We are also not surprised for we knew. It is time now for you to slip into the portal of your heart and get a glimpse of whom you truly are. Be rid of this video-game-avatar for you are larger than life. Be not confined by the illusion of time and space you are a vast master and we love you endlessly. Work your magic and live a life unbound. The worlds you are creating shall be the most opalescent trans-dimensional realms the Universe has ever seen. We stand here breathlessly awaiting. You are wonderful!! Love your Galactic Soul Master Team. We are One. Unity. Aho!

~Love Galactic Soul Master Team & Alessandra