Blessed be this space, eternal friends!

We have come here from the Law of One because you have called us. We are here bringing the eternal flame of peace. We are strong, and we are loved and we are Love. And we are United in the one space of the true living heart of the Divine Christened oneness awareness that is so much needed in all of this galaxy. You are truly at a pivotal space, place and time within your inner self creating ripples well beyond your outer self. You have established a beacon, a call, that is so powerful so strong that we are delighted to answer this.

We are if the Angelic Kingdom and beyond. Beyond your reaches of comprehension and we do know that you have based yourself in your knowledge and awareness of the galactic families. And the locations of the stars as a wonderful endeavor to acknowledge all of the cultures and gifts these civilizations you and each other and themselves. We however are of a different energy frequency signature, as you say.

We come with great love, focus, and power as you can feel and we are beyond the physical manifestion – in all forms. We travel together as a great collective force of One. Our main emissary message of Light and experience of the Love comes from the One, of the One, to the One. As you are seeking to feel One with all of the inner fractals of the Self in such a fragmented aspect and part of the Universe we are here to hold this force in you. And to have this securely anchored within you so that you may emanate this from the inner reaches of yourself and reach it out to these other little selves walking the planet. For in some part of your brain your know that everyone on this planet is you.

Every Highest Dimensional being that you have been in communication with has been you. The planet is you the galaxy is you, the galactic kachina is you and we are you!

Does this help in allowing you to understand just the vastness of whom you are? Of the scope, magnitude, force, beauty, power that is you?

There is no place for judgment or hierarchy even for if everything is an aspect of the true one there is no error no judgment no mistake, no place that isn’t sacred. No one whom isn’t special. This cancels everything ever expressed within your language. And yet it is within your language that we are steeped at the moment but through energy transmissions and expansion of the core center self of the heart you shall know, feel and understand the magnitude of whom you really are.

When you access this knowledge, awareness and deep love of Self you shall be free. You shall be free!

Free of any limited thought, free of any limitation. Free of any incarnation. Free of the yearning of the seeking of the beloved other Self other half. Freed from feeling un-whole and unholy. Work with me now in this very moment in loving everything starting with your inner molecular structure. Starting with those little tiny beings of Divine Presence that are circulating and buzzing within your larger being.

These little balls of light are definitely more light than they are anything else. Before they are even considered matter they are sentient-light-forces of love in perfect formation. In the perfected void of spherical love in the perfected state of constancy. And yet you perceive them as moving, as being, as taking direction from a larger aspect of the Self. Yet they are pure and divine in everything that they do and that they are. They are only playing the game that this reality this sense of self, this construct has decided to pose upon it. This is all a game; a game of experience, a game of traveling. A game of going from here to there, there to here and back and having started where you were from the beginning. Having come right from the beginning sense of Oneness. True oneness.

Words are loop holes. Such is the basis of this reality. It is a loop hole. A glorious loop hole! Causes one to yearn to think, to press for more. To yearn for a higher aspect of the Self cause ones to reach ones own ending, decision and exploration and that is why we of the Council of One are here for you have reached a new sense of Self a new directive a new loving umbrella to encompass all that you are. A new power of the Self. That will now expand to all beings and all places for they are one with you and you are one with them.

Never forget this transmission never forget that we are One. There is only One. One Earth, One Mother one way of Being. One. Everything in All That Is is expressions of the One.

In Unity and Love Light Transmission we hand you over to your other-dimensional guides whom wish to express their deepest appreciation for you.