Your experience of reality on Earth is to live the life of a fairy!! Bringing this greater spark and life within you! You already have it- rekindle it and bring more. What does a fairy do, dear child? It plays, it loves, it forgives it expands, it creates, it honors all plants and beings and animals it teaches others this deep love and respect of planet Earth. A love that we know and see that you have dear child we only wish you to express it farther. Embody and cherish your fairy child-like nature it is your key to unlocking other greater aspects of the greater you. Channel fairies even, in your own way, create fair homes, shrines, nature homes. Be an example of others for others and children too! Take them away from TV screens and place them, root them, in Earth-soil and create the magic of co-creation with the elements! Did you know that in Andromeda we have entire planets dedicated to the fairy elemental kingdom?
~The Andromedans channeled message & art by Alessandra Gilioli*