The Arcturians are 5th -7th Dimensional beings and have are known throughout this Universe as master planetary healers. They have a reputation for not only defending this galaxy from lower density attaching forces but also in healing 3D dimensional beings into multidimensional wholeness and health. They are master weavers of the soul and sought after for their knowledge of holographic healing and other famous spiritual technologies. They have created the Crystal Temple: a multidimensional ‘great grand central station’ for Ascended Masters, Angels & Star Masters in order to safely and sacredly process¬†all souls on Earth and other planets in process of Ascension. The Arcturians are galactic explorers and very familiar with many galactic nations within this and other galaxies. They have a knack for being dedicated to their mission and teaching spiritual technology to Earthlings and others who wish to Ascend. Arcturians understand very well the complexities and beauty of the emotional and mental bodies and how these affect the light one holds within physical realities.

Do you want to learn Arcturian Spiritual technologies, such as how to help with the ascencion and personal and planetary healing? Find out more about the Teachings of the Sacred Triangle by visiting the global Arcturian meditation group called the Group of Forty!!