As a crystal being from Aldebaran I come to you as a spiritual tune up, a mental vacation, a physical massage and an emotional recalibration. I am here to assist you in your personal and planetary evolution. I see you, a earth human being as being one with the planet you are on. This is the point of the ascensions. It is for planets and sentient beings to become one giant force and one unifiying field. As you each grow and expand into your next level of consciousness.

I am a higher dimensional being who resides in the non-formal realms of the 8-9-10th Dimesnions. We are formless beings however we do resonate with a humanoid form or crystalline form. We are plasma-like beings. We are holders of light. I am a record-keeper librarian of consciousness. I hold records from this and other galaxies. Records of the adventures in consciousness of the formed planets and their sentient civilizations. There is much to learn from all the variations and ways in which consciousness expresses itself.

Come with me now. Let me take you to the Crystal Gardens on Aldebaran.

Messages from Zion:

  1. Aldebaran welcomes you, dear galactic traveler. You have seen and felt this sace before. Maybe you get glimpses of it in your dreams. We are home to the most radiant Crystal Gardens. Come into this space to feel fully, electrically recharged, sustained and re-aligned. You are more like us than you imagine.
  1. Open and close your eyes. See that you are both here on Earth in 3D and also here with us on Aldebaran in our beloved crystal gardens. See and sense how you have the capabilities of beingin both places at once. You are exercising your ability to be galactic travelers!
  1. Feel how expansive your auric field is. Allow your crystalline essence to down load from the Crystal Gardens into your mitochondria now. All of your trillions of cells are receiving a new crystalline light. You feel joyous and alive!
  1. Do you have a clear, bright quartz crystal? Hold it tight by your hart and throat space and Om. If you do not have your very own clear quartz now is the time to get one!
  1. Allow the electrical impulses firing from your neurons to align with the higher crystalline light and sooth you into a higher octave of being. Let the upgrades begin! I am a constantly upgrading electro-magnetic crystalline being!


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