Soul DNA Session


Activate your superpowers!

Chicago In Person Session. Granville & Broadway

Discover abilities you always had by cultivating them into full bloom! We are needed at this time to step into our power, our own divinity, for ourselves & the rest of humanity. The “Galactic Soul DNA” session is individualized; tailored to your needs, abilities & level of consciousness. Get showered with activations, boosters & transmitted messages to enhance your soul learning. Ever been on an astral Galactic Shamanic journey? Try one now! Meet your Higher Self, totem animals, angels, dragons, fairy queens, ascended masters & star nation guides who come to initiate you into your unique shamanic soul path.



Menu of private session

Energy healing & intuitive reading.
45 min.

  • Unlock Major Life Blocks
  • Launch your Greater Soul Mission
  • Past-life Soul Retrieval for Earth & Star lives
  • Galactic Crystal Energy Healing & Activation
  • Know Your Soul Gifts
  • Know Your Soul Star Lineage & Galactic Astrology
  • Mini Training in How to Access your Guides
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide or Totem Animal
  • Experience trance altered state of consciousness
  • Boost your extra-sensory abilities with Galactic Meridian activation
  • Mp3 audio recording of the session: your own specialized tool: audio guided meditation for you to re-access 5D space!

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