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CLASS 1: Merlin Takes you to the Cosmic Gateway of Avalon

CLASS 2: Crystalline Heart Palace Venus

CLASS 3: Multidimensional Download in the Starlight Galactic City

SPECIAL DEAL:Buy 2 get 1 FREE: 3 classes $119 USD (98 BP)

FACILITATORS: Neil & Zena from Crystal Heaven in Glastonbury and Alessandra Gilioli in Chicago.

WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? 3 part class. Energy healing course for these Now Times. Converging our Physical Body wisdom, Ancient Earth power and Futuristic Galactic Light woven into a New Energy Healing empowerment formula! Experience these phenomenal frequencies now and tune into the free webinar here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1383767748478915

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Merlin Takes you to the Cosmic Gateway of Avalon, join us as Merlin leads you to the Sacred Chalice Waters and to walk the labyrinth of the Tor, opening your own heart so that it can beat in time with the heart chakra on Earth. Allow yourself to clear any fear of stepping out on your own spiritual path and raising your frequency. We will journey back in time and connect to the Dragons and ley lines of Avalon as well as be attuned to the Sword Excalibur which Merlin carries by his side. It is time to allow Merlin to bring Magic and sacred ceremony in to your own lives once more, so that you can stand as a guardian to mother Earth.

In this class you will:

  • Clear anxiety, fear
  • Learn new updated empath tools
  • Understand how you can become the antidote to 5G, chemtrails, food toxins etc
  • Install new auric filtration systems
  • Get a snapshot of True Earth History
  • Rekindle your connection to Dragons
  • Awaken the Earth Meridians working with Earth in updated ways
  • Receive activations and guidance from Galactic Merlin
  • Experience an astral journey into the New Earth ley lines with Merlin
  • Become more effective guardians of your body and Earth’s body
  • Earn a certificate showing that you know how to work with the listed frequencies


Our hearts are like a deep ocean of Cosmic stars and planets, every thought and every feeling from every lifetime forms as a memory, which in turn grows within the heart like points within a beautiful Crystal geode palace. For each of us this crystal geode grows over time and some of the points shine with love and light and self-love and others are dark and distant from the lack of love. So join us and Lady Venus as we ignite the flame of love within working directly to build confidence, wisdom. This in turn will assist you to look at everything firstly with love. As we become love, love will reflect back right at us.

In this class you will:

  • Clear lack of Self-love, self-sabotage, friction within
  • Clear blocked pathways in order to hold and receive more light
  • Boost and anchor more creative expression ability to move forward in confidence
  • Work directly with the frequency of Fairy Queen Lady Venus
  • Experience an astral journey to the Crystalline Heart Palace of Venus
  • Learn how Venus is the Galactic Astrological heat center and filter of new coming ancient and futuristic frequencies, wisdom and gifts for Ascending Humanity
  • Become and advocate for Self-Love for all healers, humans, animals, ecosystem and Earth
  • Earn a certificate showing that you know how to work with the listed frequencies


As we open ourselves to the Galactic Council of light and bring in the golden Christ light we find that we are ourselves being of light living an human existence. In fact we can link in with lifetimes that we have had within the Ancient Star nations. This will help us to understand the importance of this lifetime and how we are an antenna of power and that we must bring the Cosmic heart down to Mother Earth in this lifetime. We will guide you to connect once more to the cities of Light that are around us in other dimensions and to step away from the rigid belief that we must travel from 3D up to 4D and 5D when the goal of this lifetime has always been to find our true multi-dimensional selves.

In this class you will:

  • Clear past-parallel lifetimes cosmic karma, clear hidden blindspots
  • Pave the way for a new acceleration into abundance and multidimensional existence
  • Enhance your extrasensory abilities for a upgraded method of power intuition
  • Become an antenna of power, clarity for self, others and Earth
  • Honor and understand the fullscope of the Ancient Star Nations and their link with human DNA and human potential
  • Unlock the dormant doorways to your innate brilliance
  • Steady the path to your greatest soul mission
  • Earn a certificate showing that you know how to work with the listed frequencies



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